Balazs Lorinczi talks Wolfpitch

Balazs Lorinczi talks Wolfpitch

I adored Wolfpitch and was delighted to get to chat with Balazs Lorinczi about it. Wolfpitch is Balazs' follow-up to the GLAAD Media Award nominated Doughnuts and Doom. Balazs was born in Hungary and now lives in Scotland and I was fascinated to learn about his journey in comics as well as why he loves to combine the supernatural and music. Wolfpitch is published by Top Shelf Productions an imprint of IDW publishing. You can find it at your local comic shop on June 12th. I'm always interested in learning how creators got to where they are today and what has influenced them to make the comics they do. I found Balazs to be open and friendly and funny and I can't wait to read more of his comics.

Here is a synopsis of Wolfpitch: All's fair in love and music when this supernatural all-girl rock band must beat the odds and become the best band in town! Izzy's a bass-playing werewolf. Geraldine's the ghost of an amazing jazz pianist. Delilah's the meanest drummer in town. They'd be the perfect trio to win the Battle of Bands... except Geraldine can't play a solo since she passed away, and Izzy and Delilah are at each other's throats at every opportunity. Can they work through their problems to win the competition, or will they be defeated by Delilah's ex-band and their villainous frontman, Dylan? Sparks will fly, milkshakes will melt, and ears will ring in the latest delicious LGBTQ romp from graphic novelist Balazs Lorinczi. 

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