Andrew Leamon and Xander Arnot talk Camera Man

Andrew Leamon and Xander Arnot talk Camera Man

The Cryptid Creator Corner is starting a run of 2 guest episodes and we're starting with Andrew Leamon and Xander Arnot chatting about the current Kickstarter campaign for Camera Man #1. Camera Man "brings the fun, action-packed energy of a Saturday Morning Cartoon (think Spectacular Spider-ManBatman Beyond or Ben 10) with a colorful cast of characters and some filmmaking magic sprinkled on top in a way only comics can make possible." We chat about how the two of them worked together on this project, what is was like for Andrew to come in as a writer for someone else's passion project, and how Xander built his YouTube following. This is also the slickest comic book trailer I think I've ever seen. Check this episode out now and be sure to back Camera Man before the campaign ends on July 18th.

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