Cullen Bunn and Chris Batista talk Gatchaman

Cullen Bunn and Chris Batista talk Gatchaman

Mad Cave Studios is bringing back Gatchaman in comic book form and we have a very special double episode to let you know all about it. Science Ninja Team Gatchaman was a Japanese animated series that debuted in 1972. In the States, if you were around for the late 70s/early 80s, the episodes were edited and dubbed for an American audience and called Battle of the Planets. The series has taken on many different forms and incarnations over the years, but Mad Cave has brought on artist Chris Batista and writer Cullen Bunn along with colorist Carlos Lopez and letterer Buddy Beaudoin to once again breathe life into this epic franchise for old and new fans alike. I was able to chat with Chris and Cullen all about Gatchaman, bue to a scheduling error that may or may not have been my fault, who's to say, I had to record these episodes separately. Lucky you though, dear listener, because you get 2 episodes for the price of 1! Check out these 2 really fun interviews and head to your LCS to pick up your copy of Gatchaman #1 in stores June 26th.

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