Flame Con - An Interview with Co Lead Kevin Gilligan

Flame Con - An Interview with Co Lead Kevin Gilligan

I was really hoping to get the organizers of Flame Con, the world's largest LGBTQ comics convention, now celebrating their tenth year, on the show last year so I'm super excited about today's episode chatting with Kevin Gilligan, Vice President and Convention head for the Geeks Out organization who put on the con. The mission of Geeks Out is to rally, empower, and promote the queer geek community through organizing Flame Con and to work towards creating safe spaces and a visible queer presence at other conventions around the country. There's nothing else like this show. It sounds so amazing. I wish I could attend and I hope you will consider going in August.

To learn more about Geeks Out or Flame Con, visit their website at https://www.geeksout.org/.

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