Soo Lee talks Cheetara

Soo Lee talks Cheetara

Building on the success of the new Thundercats series, Dynamite Comics has another brand new number one that I think is sure to be another hit: Cheetara. Writer Soo Lee is here on the Cryptid Creator Corner to tell us all about it. Issue #1 will be at your LCS on Wednesday, July 3rd. This story takes place before the destruction of Thundera and Soo Lee talks about the freedom to create a rich backstory for Cheetara. Soo also discusses working with artist Domenico Carbone and what she's learned as an artist working with different writers and how that has impacted how she writes a script. I also sneak in a few questions about the excellent Carmilla: The First Vampire, written by Amy Chu with art by Soo Lee. It's absolutely incredible and the follow-up Carmilla: The Last Vampire Hunter is out July 10th. This was a fun conversation and I enjoyed getting to know more about artist and writer Soo Lee.

From the publisher

As Cheetara becomes more conscious of her hidden powers, she is also increasingly troubled by apocalyptic visions of the future. Goaded on by these haunting dreams, she ramps up her training of the young Lion-O to prepare him for the trials ahead - but pushing the young prince so hard may wind up doing more harm than good!

The acclaimed creative team of writer SOO LEE and artist DOMENICO CARBONE continue to unveil the secrets that lie at the heart of Thundera and the saga of the ThunderCats in ThunderCats: Cheetara #3 - commemorated with classic covers from LEE, LESLEY "LEIRIX" LI, REBECA PUEBLA, and EDWIN GALMON!

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